Gathering at Shantivanam

“Deepening our Relationship”
“Deepening Our Relationship with Shantivanam And Ashram Friends”

PROGRAMME (starts on evening of the 3rd)
Opening and welcome
Celebration for Swami Abhishiktananda’s Mahasamadhi Anniversary on the 7th Dec with invited guest André Mâge

Daily Programme schedule will be available on arrival

Talk on the spirit of the founders of Shantivanam by Fr Sebastian Thottipatt
The Jesus Prayer presented by Sr. Rose Pudukadan
Spiritual transformation in inter religious dialogue – session with Andreas Reimers
Sister Stephanie shares her thoughts on the sacred syllable OM
Group yoga and Meditation sessions
Kirtan singing with Marcos Monteiro and Zen Moraes
Sessions dedicated to community sharing

 Visits to some temples and charitable places may be arranged

Separate bookings for pilgrimage below:
Pilgrimage to Thiruvanamalai Arunachala and Ramana Ashram- after gathering
(contact Michael at

Separate bookings for retreat below:
Christmas Retreat at the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, Dec. 24 to Jan. 2
(contact Zen Moraes

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GENERAL INFORMATION: e-mail Michael at

Those wishing to extend their stay may make arrangements to do so. No charge for the gathering -usual Donations for accommodation.
Donations towards the cost of travelling for invited guest
Bookings open until middle of November  –  Early booking would be much appreciated
Last minute bookings will be accepted if rooms are available.
Please contact Michael  for advice and information regarding travelling to Shantivanam and any special concerns about transport, accommodation, dietary needs etc. and for a tour of nearby spiritual sights/temples before/after the event.

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Today: the 25th anniversary of Bede’s Mahasamadhi


Today, 13th. May we remember the 25th. Death Anniversary of our beloved master, late Fr.Bede Griffiths.
One important thing I remember from his life was his passion for learning. One evening after supper I was passing his room. I saw him through his window and saw that he was reading the periodical the Tablet. He was reading it in such way as if he was eating a delicious dish. I felt jealous. Look at this old man of 82 years who has such a desire to read and I am not even 35 and I have no desire to read. I went to his window and wished him. Come along, his usual expression, invited into his room. After sitting at his feet, he was on his chair, I said, father, I feel jealous of you. He felt uncomfortable and said, why? I replied, you see father, you are 82 years old and you have such a desire to read and I am not even 35 and I have no desire to read. He felt uncomfortable because I told him he was 82. He said, I do not feel that I am 82 but only 18. We just fell into laughter. It was true at 82 he was only 18 and at 35 I was 82. I always remember his passion to learn and to be young always.

May we all be inspired by his passion for learning to be always young. Unless you become like little children you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, said Jesus. Fr.Bede was always like a child. May we all become children of the kingdom of God.

Br. Martin Sahajananda

“Remembering our beloved Fr Bede on the 25th anniversary of his Mahasamadhi.
One Heart
Sr Pascaline”